Brain Gain Games


I was commissioned to develop a year-long series of games with corresponding articles to promote neurological development in the Family Magazine of Greater Fort Wayne.  These "Brain Gain Games" needed to be applicable to all ages -- including modifications for infants, toddlers, and the elderly -- so that the whole family could play together.  In addition, each game could require only items readily available in a standard Midwestern home and minimal prep time.  The target audience was lower to mid-socioeconomic class with an elementary to middle-school reading level.

Yoga for the Brain (article)  |  Fast Talk (game)  |  Cover Story
Topics:  Synaptic Pruning; Neuroplasticity; Verbal Recall; Vocabulary Development
March/April 2013
**Reprinted as front-page feature in Easter Sunday Life section


Make Your Memory Work for You! (article)  |  Picture This! (game)
Topics:  Working Memory; Visual Recall
May/June 2013


Your Brain is Hardwired for Math (article)  |  Arithmania! (game)
Topics:  Innate Number Sense; Mathematical Development
July/August 2013


Move Things With Your Mind! (article)  |  Space Race (game)
Topics:  Spatial Reasoning
September/October 2013


(Give Your Brain) Just One Minute! (article and game)  |  Cover Story
Topics:  Continued Neurological Development; Concentration; Problem Solving
November/December 2013


Duck, Duck, Boost! Learn new things to build your brain  (article and game)
Topics:  Neuronal Connectivity; Neuroplasticity; Continued Neuro Development
January/February 2014