Simple Solutions to Persnickety Problems: Bath Toy Basket

The No-Suck Bathtub Basket Solution!

The No-Suck Bathtub Basket Solution!


The Problem:  Suction-based bath toy baskets suck. Or rather, they don't suck. Hence, their suckiness. 

The Attempts:  A sampling of nearly every type of bath toy basket on the market, including one shaped like a giant frog (too heavy), a mesh basket like a laundry bag (too hard to get toys in and out of), and a basket on our bathroom floor (too much water where water was not supposed to be). I also invested in several 3M hooks designed especially for the bathroom on which to hang a variety of different baskets. Despite following the directions to a T and numerous retries, the hooks refused to stay. Nevertheless they did inspire my final solution!

The Solution:  A clever combination of plant-hanging chains and a coated metal basket. The result is a relatively elegant bath toy basket that is easy to dump, easy to fill, and airy enough to let the toys dry.

Simple Solution:  Use a basket and chains to create a sturdy, sophisticated bath toy bin.

The Cost:  $19 for the basket at Target (I splurged for a more elegant look; I could have gone with plastic for much cheaper) and $5 for the plant hanging kits at Home Depot (which was actually cheaper, and prettier, than buying S-hooks and chains separately). 

S-hooks allow for ease of use and adjustability.  (Zip ties and rope would also work in a pinch.)

Alternatives/Modifications:  Not everyone has a nice towel bar at the back of their bathtub; however, you could implement the same idea by looping longer chains around the end of shower curtain rods.